World Monitor Mag WM_June 2018 web - Page 51

EXPERT OPINION Merchandizing technologies grew high in demand not only on a global scale but also on the local level. Today we see that Kazakh and CIS carriers are implementing such tech- nologies and provide agencies access to on-board extra service booking. The agencies of our region already have access to the best content cur- rently available on the market, and Amadeus is focused on the develop- ment of partnership relations in or- der to offer the best content to the agencies and travelers. In conclusion, the main advantages of the merchandizing concept for the agencies of our countries is as follows: * The possibility to strengthen the value of the agency as a travel con- sultant. * The strengthening of the travel- ers’ loyalty, owing to providing an individual service. * The standard procedures and functionality with minimum impact on the operating process. supported by EUROBAK 49