World Monitor Mag WM_June 2018 web - Page 50

EXPERT OPINION Simple solutions for effective sales Merchandizing with Amadeus provides a possibility for agencies to differentiate their offer to travelers. Tatyana Akulova, General Manager, Amadeus Central Asia and Caucasus One of the main travelers’ require- ments is comfort. However, everybody understands it differently. Somebody prefers entertainment on board and is ready to pay extra for such programs, and the others prefer comfortable de- parture formalities and pleasant flight waiting time. For those with children, it is important to have infant food on board. Other travelers would pre- fer minimum cost, excluding any extra services. Travelers’ requirements to the car- riers’ offer and their transparency is growing. Clients expect a more per- sonalized and individualized approach. This trend makes merchandizing a strategically important tool, promot- ing the services and maintaining a competitive ability in all sale chan- nels for both the airlines and travel agencies. Merchandizing technology helps the agencies to personalize their offers, set up long-term relations with clients and gain additional profit. Owing to merchandizing technology it is also possible to reduce the trans- portation costs for passengers, which is implemented through a provision of extra optional services. 48 world monitor That means that the specific catego- ries of airline fares would not include the default selection of seats on the plane, luggage transportation or meals. For travelers who do not need these services, the transportation cost would be lower. Those who want such services would be able to purchase them for extra money. Thus, travel agencies would gain a tool to improve the passengers’ ser- vice quality owing to expert advice, individual approach to travel arrange- ments of each passenger and potential economy for the travelers. Our com pany provides the agencies with advanced technology for select- ing and booking extra airlines services not requiring any additional develop- ments due to integrated solutions. Nowadays the Amadeus merchandiz- ing technology is being used by 118 air companies throughout the world and 27 are under the implementation process. Over 90% of extra services sold include luggage and seats services on board. However, demand for other services such as board meals is growing too. The number of people who booked ex- tra services in our system has grown by 28% in 2017.