World Monitor Mag WM_June 2018 web - Page 45

EXPERT OPINION some new forms, with fresh outlooks and alternatives, and our product became out of date. Currently we reinforce the concept of change in our choice for product and development, and our corporate culture in general. We practice simple and start-up approaches in many ways. We are shifting to another level of decision making as we determine what products are or are not necessary for the market. Our team tests the product first. If we see it works in the right direction then we start investing into it. As for locomotive products, SMS distribution and other SMS type of services are at the top for business solutions. Today there are many speculations that SMS share decreases in the market. This is only partially true when it comes to SMS as a source of communication. However, if we consider transactions, mechanisms to verify personality in the banking sector, SMS gains its popularity. The subject of pride for our department –products related to Big Data – ‘Business view’ product in particular. We offer geolocation reports to banks and trading networks. They help to better study and understand where their clients are. The result of it – increase in sales and loyalty. Our strategy is to not only become a telecom operator for our customers, but also a partner in digital and IT direction services. Big Data is one of the key directions in this regard and we bet on this aspect. There is an opinion that the level of technological development today outpaces the market readiness to implement these technologies. To what extent is your target audience ready to accept the offered solutions? It is true that clients often underappreciate the importance of analytics, how drastic it is to assist in their business. Therefore we act ahead of time, check the problem areas a business has to solve them with the help of big data. Kcell employees present at the sectoral conferences, speak not only about the products, but how useful they can be for clients. The most dynamic growth now is demonstrated by small and middle business. They have serious need in our solutions that can optimize the company’s work. I would like to underline that the level of overall competence in Kazakhstan’s corporate sector gradually increases. The market is more serious and adaptive to training and self-education. Meeting the market demands we launch our activities in this niche. Approximately a year or two ago we decided to find new forms of communication with clients and organized trainings. At first we were planning to accent the online training, but practice showed that offline seminars bring good conversion and increase the loyalty of clients from small and medium business segment. So, we decided not to stop offline training and to hold seminars (or workshops) not just in Almaty but in regions. Entrepreneurs in the regions aspire to learn the instruments that help to improve their business, but lack necessary information. We are planning to develop the opportunity of weekly trainings. If we are pleased with the result we are going to broadcast to the regions by the end of the summer. As for the online learning, we launched small project that allows clients to consider how much they can decrease expenses and increase sales simply addressing certain questions. Competition in the B2B segment today is high enough. What are the advantages of mobile operators and Kcell in particular in your opinion? One of the main advantages is covering Kcell mobile internet and active development of the 4G network by our company. In my opinion the share of the fixed connection will be dropping and in demand in a very narrow segment due to the penetration of mobile internet. One more Kcell advantage is that we were pioneers in new services development. First, that assisted us in gaining a data base that our competitors do not have. Second, we created a line of products that are capable of satisfying all possible needs. Customers are sometimes ready to give a little more, but to be able to work with one reliable service provider that suggests all necessary and high quality solutions. The number of subscribers (users) in the B2B segment almost has not changed for the past years. ARPU (Average revenue per user) index increased and growth happened because we sell new services to the same clients. Another advantage of ours is our team. In addition to the best professionals in telecom, we attract experts in IT and big data. We constantly build up expertise by mutual enrichment with knowledge and experience. What directions in the B2B segment improvement does Kcell plan to focus on in the second half of this year and next year? Recently we have launched a self-service to manage SIM cards that is also used for M2M solutions. We plan to further develop this service. Moreover, we understand that to launch globally interesting products B2B and B2C segments should work together, but not to pull the blanket over or compete. There are projects that work in between the segments. They appear in B2B and then merge to B2C, since individual consumers will be using this service eventually. Most of all B2B2C approach is appropriate for internet of things type of services, fintech – technologies to manage finance via digital interfaces, and mobile marketing. We understand that synergy is necessary in this process. We can become much stronger in togetherness and are working on the ways for private individuals and corporate players to treat Kcell as one company. Information source: supported by EUROBAK 43