World Monitor Mag WM_June 2018 web - Page 44

EXPERT OPINION Our strategy is to become a partner for clients in digital In recent years our active discussions focused on the development of the internet and how big data contributed to the growth of interest in technologies and telecommunication services from companies in various industries. In this wave of demand, world telecommunication market players paid attention to the corporate segment that becomes a ‘test site’ to try innovative solutions. The best solutions provide for the business growth of communication operators. Vadim Lyu, the director of Kcell’s business market department talks about the work that Kazakhstani operators undertake in this direction. Vadim Lyu, Director of business market department, Kcell Vadim, how much did the unsettling trends in the world telecommunication market influence the situation in the corporate business? All the tendencies we witness in the consumer segment started reverberating later in Kazakhstan than in comparison with the global market, but eventually they stormed in at once. Same worldwide, the share of voice services drastically drops while the proportion of data transfer increases. This tendency is less in the B2B segment, but still happens. All the operators have no choice but to accept this fact. This is the reality we live in today. Difficulties strengthen and push us to search for ways out of complicated situations. Global experience shows that at this stage of the market development, the corporate segment takes the leading position and becomes the focus for direction. Potential for the business market is not exhausted, clients are aspired to optimize expenses and procedures, they are happy to consume various services at one- window (one stop shop). And so the operator uses a multi effect – a positive influence of the B2B on mass (large-scale) segment. According to the 2017 results and the 1st quarter of 2018, Kcell’s business direction showed growth. What factors 42 world monitor provided for this? What results do you expect by the end of the year? Our subdivision increased by 11% in 2017. This growth took place mainly because of the development of business solutions. We started mastering this direction three years ago, but not as actively as we do now. The share of business solutions in overall scope of services for businesses in the 1st quarter of this year reached 58%. mobile services account for 42% of the shares – voice, mobile data, SMS. As per the year results we are planning stable growth and still stake at business solutions. This is the primary opportunity for telecommunication operators to use all the advantages of telecom and offer such products and services that can help our partners solve current. Which products are in high demand by the customers? Did you experience any unsuccessful solutions? Of course, we experienced a few not quite successful practices when products were not accepted by the market. Our problem as telecom operators was related to the old style of work. We studied the B2B clients’ market, defined their specific needs, made conclusions and attempted to meet those needs. We invested solid money into operations (development), but the process took significant time due to the internal procedures in the company. As a result of the long time that we devoted to product development, the market shaped into