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have faced with recommendations are being worked on mutually . Every WG works during the year . They have a plan they meet in accordance with , discuss , hold round tables and forums when necessary . Under the Prime Minister , intermediary sessions are held in which all ideas are announced . The Prime Minister then listens to the reports and results of the WG ’ s activities . The worked questions are carried out by the recommendations of the mutual groups at the Council ’ s session carry out recommended working questions , which then become the President ’ s assignment for further accomplishment . These recommendations at the session are introduced by the chairman of KFICA .
What is KFICA ?
KFICA is the Kazakhstan Foreign Investors ’ Council Association . It was created by the initiative of foreign members of FIC under the president of the RoK as an official secretariat and coordinator for Council ’ s activity from the foreign side . KFICA provides constant organization , coordination , informational and technical support to foreign members of the Council . Together with the Kazakhstani side , the KFICA plans and organizes intermediary and plenary sessions of the Council under the president of Kazakhstan .
As we know this year the Council ’ s theme will be ‘ Accelerated Modernization ’. What objectives are set for this year ? Which themes were touched upon in the previous Council ’ s sessions ? How are topics being defined ? Can you share the history of the Council ’ s themes ?
As I mentioned earlier , this year ’ s Foreign Investors ’ Council is celebrating the 20 years . There have been 30 plenary sessions held under the chairmanship of the Head of State since the time it was founded . The council considers the most up-to-date issues in the Republic of Kazakhstan . For example , as you noted , the 31st FIC session ’ s theme to be held this year is ‘ Acelerated Modernization ’. Modernization is the objective set for us . Considering that EXPO was happening in Astana then , it influenced that previous 30th session that was titled ‘ Future energy ’. Development of the Astana International Financial Center was discussed at the 29th session .
The 28th session was dedicated to the development of agrobusiness in Kazakhstan . The state industrialization program was addressed at the 27th session . The other earlier themes touched upon : innovation-technological , country development , trade and logistics , modernization of enterprises . All this is a good sign that important themes for our country are being deliberated . A foreign state representative , speaking about the world tendencies and sharing various suggestions , always presents at the session . There were multiple interesting propositions announced from the foreign side , some of which were accomplished later or were formed as objectives by the Head of the State . One of the suggested previous opportunities was for Kazakhstan to join the most developed fifty countries in the world . We also try to change the geography for this event . The Council ’ s sessions took place in other cities and regions , like Almaty , Atyrau , Oskemen , Karaganda , Kostanai , Borovoe and in Mangystau oblast . Such retreat sessions are useful in showing investors that dynamic changes are taking place all over Kazakhstan , in different regions .
Thank you for your detailed answers . Talking about the 20-year anniversary , how effective do you think the work of the Council was ?
Can you call FIC one of the most important tools to improve our state ’ s economy ?
The FIC is absolutely one of the primary tools showing the world that Kazakhstan aims to attract foreign investment . This directly influences our country ’ s economy . I am sure this platform will exist long term , since 20 years is really only a beginning . There have been many inspiring cases and tasks for investors over the 20 years . Therefore , I hope the FIC that is taking place this year will not be less successful . The most important for the Council of 2018 is exchanging opinions since the theme to cover is very wide : What are the state ’ s objectives ? What needs to be implemented to ensure Kazakhstan is not behind the other developed states ? How to reach and sustain the position we are targeting for our country ? The Head of the State defined a clear objective : digitalisation should be everywhere , everything is to be simplified . We anticipate hearing the experts ’ opinions and receiving specific recommendations on modernization from business leaders – representatives from all over the world .
The Council ’ s work acquires even more relevance within the flame of the latest assignment from the president . Since we ’ ve set an ambitious goal to enter the top 30 developed countries , the FIC plays a significant role as a consultingadvisory establishment . As the Head of State declared , attraction of foreign investments should be wisely used for knowledge and new technologies to be transfered into the country . They are the main force to sustain economic development in Kazakhstan .
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