World Monitor Mag WM_June 2018 web - Page 27

DESTINATION europe Kazyna signed a cooperation agreement on transforming the software programs used at the Fund's portfolio companies. Today, all the key portfolio companies of the Fund are using SAP technologies. Finally, telecommunication technologies are at the core of the digital revolution and Nokia, in the past famous for mobile phones, is now one of the world leaders in digital infrastructures and applications. One of the main activities of SAP in Kazakhstan is a developing local partners’ ecosystem. Today, SAP's partnership network includes 20 local companies. Large-scale projects were implemented together with Kazakhstani partners of SAP. Also, the company certified more than 600 local consultants in Kazakhstan, who are skilled to perform global-level projects. Nokia, a company with strong German roots and a large presence in Germany and exporting many of its products from there, is also one of the driving forces for a ‘Digital Kazakhstan’. The company has established itself as a trusted advisor to the government. It is planning to []ٙX\[\[B]H[\][ۘ[[[H[\[YZ]^\][Y[H[X\[KKˈHܙX][BYY][XH܈[Y][\[Y\]HXܘ][ۋXH\\Y[^Z[ۈ^[[\[\]H[X[][X][ۈݚY\ݙ\Y[][][ۘ[Y[]\[\Y][Z[[Y][\Z[[X\]H܈X\\[BڙX˂[ۘ\[ۈH[ZH[\\^H]\X[H[][ݘ]]H\[Y\[۝[YHX\[[ZX[[XXB\\[H]\YX][ۈوB^ZXۛ^H[[[\\\[]\[XۛZX[][ۜ