World Monitor Mag WM_June 2018 web - Page 14

DESTINATION KAZAKHSTAN Power Supply Complex plan of energy efficiency was developed. Akimat formed a group of 300 engi- neers who studied and analyzed 110 EXPO projects. As per their results, they chose 16 types of technologies from 9 countries that will be implemented in the capital. will reach 110 Gcal at the HPP-1, 440 Gcal will be reached with introduction of HPP-3 in 2019. Last year 18.8 km of new heating net- works are restored and 16.4 km were built. In 2018 reconstruction of 8.9 km of heat- ing networks and construction of 1 km of arterial networks will be accomplished. ‘Heat flow administration’ program is under engineering. 137 budget organi- zations will save up to 20% due to this program. Staff at the heating networks establish- ment ensures warm climate and comfort in the civil houses, builds, renovates and provides services 24/7. ‘Smart illumination’ project is launched. Over thirty thousand lamps will be re- placed with the use of public-private partnership mechanisms and foreign in- vestment attraction with participation of Transnational Companies (TNCs) to cre- ate smart internet of things. It will allow to reduce electric power consumption two times or down to 600 mln tenge per year. I would like to point out that gasification road map was developed by Akimat in partnership with KazTransGas JSC within the framework of Five Initiatives by the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev. In 2017, the electricity provided to the new 'Nur Zhol' railway station, the village Dostyk, Expo-2017 International Exhibi- tion, Batygay prospective development area, 'Zeleny Kvartal' Housing Complex, with houses built according to the demo- l ition and dilapidated housing program. In 2018 construction of ‘Ishim’ substa- tion and renovation of ‘Zhuldyz’ substa- tion will begin. Therefore, all the existing and prospect areas for construction will be covered by 2025. Heat supply There are plans to shift HPP-1, HPP-2 and HPP-3 to gas with the following gas- ification of ‘Yugo-Vostok’ and ‘Koktal-1,2’ micro districts of Astana. These events will reduce harmful sub- stances’ ejection down to 30%, including NOx index at the springs. Storm water drain The construction of 7 objects were fin- ished in 2017. Work of 11 objects will be finished in 2018. 7 treatment facilities will be accomplished in 2019. By the end of 2019 implementation of these projects will allow to fully cover and provide tap for surface runoff in ac- tive and prospective construction that is not planned for demolishing. Modernization and energy complex of the capital is systematically accom- plished. Water supply and drainage We constantly provide power reserve. In the current year inflow of thermal power In water supply I would like to stress on finishing the project for dissolution of 12 world monitor Taldykol water storage. This year the work to reduce waters in Small Taldykol lake will start. Further on, engineering geological and hydrological research of this area’s influence will be held. The second phase is foundation of rec- reational zone. International approach is also applied in this field. Asian bank provided the grant of 1 mln US dollars as a reason of our initiative. International and Ka- zakhstani experts mutually develop a master plan for integrated water re- sources’ management with application of energy saving solutions and tech- nologies. This will allow to solve issues for sur- face and underground waters and will provide more effective planning and water resource management. This master plan will be ready in 2019. Astana – is a triumph of our indepen- dence, an absolute brand, symbol for a new countdown and new history of the nation that is connected with Kazakh- stan’s breakthrough onto high econom- ic and political orbit. Astana, as capital of sovereign Kazakh- stan, became true embodiment for dy- namic growth and prosperity of its so- ciety. Accomplished historic intention of the President of Kazakhstan turned our capital into the epicenter of inde- pendent Kazakhstan. The grand project of the century received recognition and admiration of the world community, becoming the object for knowledge and labor application from architects, de- signers, politicians, financiers and man- agers. The project absorbed and ac- cumulated their inspiration, willpower, professionalism, a desire to leave the main symbol of prosperous Kazakhstan to the future generations.