World Monitor Mag WM_June 2018 web - Page 137

airlines/HOTELS Air Astana news Air Astana marks tenth anniversary of ab-initio pilot training program Air Astana has marked the tenth anniversary of the highly successful ab-initio pilot training program with the promotion of 10 graduates of the course from First Officer to Captain. The group of those promoted includes Timur Zhabataev, Mikhail Zlydyonnyy, Aidar Zhakenov, Azim Mussaldayev, Kuanysh Yelgeldiyev, Arman Mustafin, Vassiliy Batayev, Andrey Yatsyn, Timur Mashurov and Diyas Akhmetov. The year-round program continues to deliver around 20 qualified pilots to the airline every year following training Atlantic Flight Training Academy in Cork, Ireland and Flight Training Europe in Jerez, Spain. Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, aged between 18 and 34, who speak good English, as well as those with knowledge in the field of physics and mathematics, are eligible to apply for the program at Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines is the airline that flies to more countries than any other in the world. Let us show you what the business experience is all about, as we take you from your door, through our award-winning lounge, and up into the clouds. Turkish Airlines – авиакомпания, которая летает в большее количество стран, чем любая другая. Позвольте показать Вам, что значит путешествие в Бизнес-классе - от нашего Бизнес-зала, удостоенного многочисленных наград, до бесконечного комфорта высоко в облаках. supported by EUROBAK 129