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EUROBAK pages Travel, hospitality & MICE committee executive team Ibrahim Canliel Chairperson / EUROBAK Travel, Hospitality & MICE Committee EUROBAK Board Member / CFO, Air Astana Ibrahim Canliel works for Air Astana as Chief Financial Officer and has been with the company since its early stages in 2003. He started his career initially in tourism in Turkey during the 90s and he joined the aviation world with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in 1998; briefly in the Gulf and consequently in Kazakhstan for Central Asia. For the past 15 years, Ibrahim managed different business units in commercial and finance. Ibrahim was a EUROBAK board member during the earlier days from 2005 to 2007, and this year he continued his membership. He holds HX[܈YܙYH[XۛZXBHX\X\H[]\]H[PH]ܝ\[]\]KXZ[H\X\YY[\]Y\˂[H\X[ZݘB\]HZ\\ۈ UTАR][ ][]H RPH[Z]YB[\[\X܈ ][[H\ YX\و^\Y[H[H\\H[\K[Y[\[\][X[Y[Y[ Z\\H[RPK[ [\][ۘ[][\][Y ]\ۙHوHY\][\[H[[]YHX\\[Hܛ \\ؘ[][X[Y[Y[\[BH][[^Z[]H[H\[H[X][H[\^Z[\B\[][ۈ܈\[\][ Hۙܙ\\ܝ[\[[[]H\˂Zܚ^XH\]\B\]HZ\\ۈ UTАR][ ][]H RPH[Z]YB][\X܋]XBXܚ^XH\ MYX\و^\Y[H[Z\ܙ[^][ۈ[\H[][[\\K\[\ܚ[XXH]ڙXܙ[]܈][ۋ[X[Y\HX[YHHXYوڙX˜]Z\[\[H[[X]H[ MH\\\^\Y[H[ۙ[XXK^Z[Y][[ۈ[X[ۈو]Xܜ[YY[و\\HX\]][Z\^][ۂ\[\ˈ[[ۙ[H\HYYX[\\H[RPK\[H\X]]H\XZ[H\Yۈ][[[]X[]H][ۚ[و[\[\\HX[^Z[[[[\YY[]H^X][ۈY[ Zܚ^XH\XHHZ[]\؝\[X[]\X[[]\]HوYH[[ۜ[Y\\[[^X][ۈX[Y[Y[ [HY[[و NB\YHZ[[\H]HYو\[\˂[ۚ[[][\[\]Y\‘\]HZ\\ۈ UTАR][ ][]H RPH[Z]YB^Z[\\][]\H˓ [ۚ[[\]Y\\H\\]]\H[[^Z[H[ݙY^Z[[ [\Y\\Y\\Y[X\[Z]YH\Y[وRQTP[^Z[]\HX[YB[[\XH[]X\\ܙ[]܈܈RQTP[\][ۘ[ H۝[YY\\Y\\[[\[[ۜ[[[H\\و\]X\KۜX[ۋ[XK[۝[Y\[X[^HڙX[H\X\ˈ[ MH[ۚ[[]\H[\X\H[[\X\HوH\H[X[YH\XZ܈ڙX]VH MˈH\Hݚ[YH[]Y\Z\[[Y[\Hܝ˂\ܝYHUTАRŒLM