World Monitor Mag WM_June 2018 web - Page 11

DESTINATION KAZAKHSTAN The life expectancy of Astana resi- dents increased by nearly 10 years and reached 75 years whereas back in 1997 the life expectancy was only 65.6 years. The share of SMEs in the GRP structure of the city of Astana increased 4-fold and amounted to 57.4% (in 2005 - 13%), which is the highest among the regions of Kazakhstan. All these indicators would not be so significant without the appropriate de- velopment of social infrastructure. The capital is the leader in terms of con- struction in the country. After Astana ac- quired the status of the capital, 17.7 mil- lion square meters of housing was built in the city with the participation of domestic and foreign construction companies. The index of industrial production in- creased 36 times and reached 549.4 billion tenge while in 1997 it was at 15.1 billion tenge. In order to expand the industrial po- tential through high-tech and environ- mentally friendly production, we are planning to create Industrial Park No. 2, with an area of 443 hectares. The subjects of small and medium busi- ness within the city produce 20% of all business and services for this sector in the country. The volume of output in- creased 23 times and reached 4 trillion tenge as opposed to the 177.8 billion tenge in 2006. The number of employees in this sector increased 3.3 times to 326,500 people instead of the 98,700 in 1997. Over 20 years, one trillion 600 billion tenge was invested into the housing construction, introducing 1,265 multi- apartment complexes with almost 180 thousand apartments. Over the past five years in Astana, more than 9 million square meters of housing has been in- troduced. In fact, throughout these five years the city was built for 300 thousand people. This is the average regional cen- ter that appeared in Astana. In Astana over the years, 1,172 indus- trial, social, cultural and social facilities were built. Since the transfer of the capital in As- tana, many unique architectural objects have been constructed. Improvement of infrastructure and public services 2018 will be ‘green breakthrough’ for the city. In the midst of 20th year anniversary, the Akimat focuses on massive planting of greenery all over the city, creating con- venient public places for citizens and fam- ily leisure. Breakdown of alleys, parks and squares on the right riverside of the city is very im- portant for us. The territories with taken down old houses were not given for com- mercial purposes and objects (housing, restaurants, hotels, etc.). We are building squares and boulevards equipped with playgrounds for children in accordance with the citizens' needs. This year the left riverbank will have 13 squares and 5 more – in the next year. Construction of botanical garden and linear park, reconstruction of Aray park is finishing soon. Altogether these 18 ob- jects will have 85 amusement places, 115 sport simulators, 18 football and basket- ball fields and tennis courts, 17 km of bike tracks, 30 fountains, 12 km of running tracks, 2 skate fields. I am sure this all will improve the quality of city life. supported by EUROBAK 9