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Social responsibility School of Healthy Nutrition useful skills and habits related to nutrition in children, and, in general, will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep daily routines and play sports. School of Healthy Nutrition is a social educational project of Nestle Food Kazakhstan LLP; it is aimed at the formation of a nutrition culture among elementary school students as a component of a healthy lifestyle. The need for the project is based upon the results of social research. Many diseases of the younger generation are caused by malnutrition. According to the World Health Organization, 80% of diseases are more or less related to nutrition, and 40% of ailments result directly from malnutrition. Kazakhstan is no exception. Simple habits of proper nutrition should be formed from childhood. According to the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, iron deficiency anemia affects almost half of the nation's children from 6 to 14 years old. The same number of elementary school students eats less than three times a day or together with their parents try out different diets that often leads them to being undernourished. And 21.7% of students are overweight. Expected results of the program: the School of Healthy Nutrition course helped to increase children's awareness about good nutrition and healthy lifestyles, which then will help form 70 world monitor Realizing the role of a healthy diet, in 2009 Nestlé launched the Healthy Kids program with the main objective of the global program to nurture a food culture among next generation. In 2017, 8.3 million children from 84 countries took part in the project. In Kazakhstan, the program was implemented by means of an educational system called the School of Healthy Nutrition since 2014. Experienced teachers, nutritionists, and experts of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition and the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan participated in the creation of the complex. The Ministry then approved this program and recommended a teaching aid to be developed within the framework of the project. The program has been implemented in Kazakhstan since 2014 and covers 40 schools with Kazakh and Russian language training in the cities of Almaty and Astana annually (about 4,200 children and 240 teachers). Since 2014, the program has covered 140 schools and 17,000 students. 60 schools (30 studying in Russian and 30 – in Kazakh) are participating in the program since 2018 (these are 6,400 children and 360 teachers). The program is held in an elective course format (class hours) throughout the academic year. While each child receives a free interactive workbook, a favorite character from Kazakh fairy tales in the role of assistant teacher that explains ‘tasty and useful’ material, providing the teacher with a relevant teaching aid. The program covers such topics as the following: * Daily Routine * Basics of Digestion * The Pyramid of Healthy Nutrition * Healthy Foods * Table Manners * Hygiene * Importance of Water * Sport and an Active Lifestyle To promote the program, Nestlé conducts the following additional events annually: an international teachers' contest, a best drawing contest, a Chef Day in conjunction with the Worldchefs Organization, and a workshop for teachers, children’s creativity festival and international teleconference.