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SPORT All this stimulates not only professionals, whose names are more and more often heard on the world tennis arena, but also amateurs. The increase in the number of courts makes it possible to involve more people in tennis – those who once played, but for some reason hung up their racket, and those who have never even stepped on a tennis court, but had long dreamed about it. From year to year the number of large amateur tournaments grows, as well as the prize fund, of which goes to charity and the development of children's tennis in the country. Gorky Tennis Park actively supports the initiatives of the Federation in the development of children's tennis. Five years ago, the Club was the first to introduce a training program for children according to the European method with a clear gradation by age and level. The program includes several categories: Baby Tennis (from 3.5 to 5 years), ‘Red Ball’ (from 5 to 7 years), ‘Orange Ball’ (from 7 to 9 years) and ‘Green Ball’ (up to 10 years). And now – the results are in – the students of the club regularly take to the awards podiums of city and republican tournaments and successfully play for the teams of Almaty. Special attention is paid to the parents of young champions. The club has long made it a rule to hold free seminars with tennis psychologists and coaches. Experts teach adults appropriate behavior with children, the right motivation and the general mood for training and winning. Gorky Tennis Park regularly hosts children's tournaments, ranging from the Red Ball, to competitions in the Pro-Am category (adult amateur and professional child) and major charity tournaments. According to Sergey Mazur, Managing Director of Gorky Tennis Park: “We perfectly understand the importance of developing children's tennis in our country. And we try to do everything in our power to help the Tennis Federation in this. You can, of course, hope that we will have a nugget. But world experience shows that the more citizens of a country who are keen on a certain discipline, the more likely it is to see and educate masters ona global scale. Play tennis. Bring children to the courts. And once taking a racket in their hands, they will not be able to stop!” The coaching staff of the club also contributes to this success. High-level specialists, master of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international class, they are all busy with training young tennis players and their own development. Gorky Tennis Park regularly conducts advanced training, training on the ITF system for coaching staff, seminars on the fundamentals of child psychology, etc. supported by EUROBAK 65