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SPORT which we demonstrated options for sports complexes exercises, as well as giving the participants opportunities to themselves invent their own complex and put it all into Instagram and other social networks. Now we have launched another challenge, ‘The Other You’, but it is already more focused and includes various types of physical activity; these include running, walking, gym, outdoor activities, street workout areas, motorcycling and biking. In fact, physical activity can be so diverse and so the task of this challenge, in addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, also shows that physical activity is not limited to certain boundaries, for example, a gym or some fitness club. Today there is a wide range of physical activities, and we will demonstrate them. Another success factor of the ‘The Other You’ challenge is the great support that has been provided by corporations, firms, various institutions, educational institutions, universities, and schools, which, with their entire team, performed a set of various exercises for 21 days. The short challenges we launched recently are also supported by companies, and it should be noted that such events have a positive effect on employees, since sporting events are powerful team buildingactivities. Turning to companies, I can say with confidence that if you want to increase the efficiency and interest of your employees in the long-term work of your company, take care of the health and physical fitness of your team, for example, by motivating them to participate in the ‘The Other You’ challenge with the whole team. It is important to note that we have a video blog on our YouTube channel. supported by EUROBAK 61