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SPORT The other you This year we began the large-scale republican sports campaign 'The Other You', or as we call it 'the Challenge', which is primarily aimed at popularizing and attracting Kazakhstanis to active mass sports. I am proud to say that this initiative has been supported by a large number of participants, and not only Kazakhstani people, the Challenge covered more than 320,000 people. Valikhan Ten I believe that the topic of an active lifestyle is relevant in our time. In connection with the urbanization of the population and technological progress, the problem of physical inactivity rises, that is, people pay less and less attention to physical activity, in particular, the younger generation. We go down from our apartment to the parking on the elevator, sit in the car, drive out of the garage, drive to the office, and again at the parking lot we use the elevator – we very rarely walk anywhere anymore. We do not have the same physical activity that was part of daily life in the homes of our parents. And to make things even worse, the younger generation is so involved in technological progress and social networks that even their live communication with people is reduced to a minimum. The task of the Republican Challenge is to draw people's attention to this problem, and most importantly give people the incentive and motivation to go out for sports and, moreover, to make sport a habit that becomes a way of life. When growing up, a person acquires automatic habits, brought up by parents, such as, brushing his/her teeth. At the beginning of childhood, parents are forced to brush their child’s teeth in the morning, but often the child tries to come up with various excuses not to do this because he is lazy and uncomfortable. After some time, he no longer resists, because he psychologically understands that mom and dad will make him upset if he doesn’t, and 60 world monitor he doesn’t want to upset his parents. At some point, there comes a period when the child automatically goes to brush his teeth without thinking whether he wants to or not, that is, it has become a biological need, and if a person does not brush his teeth, it brings him some discomfort. The same with the physical activity. For a period of time, a motivational push is needed, a mentor is needed, a guide in its own way, which will help with getting started with physical activity. Here, the challenge ‘The Other You’ is a guide to sports and a healthy lifestyle. We give the tools, the opportunity, motivate people to take the first steps in the sport and support those who are already actively engaged. After a certain time, participants understand their need for physical activity and turn it into a habit. And at the next stage, it is already becoming a chemical addiction, that is, a person who does not exercise experiences discomfort. The First Republican Challenge ‘The Other You’, which was initiated by our President Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, received a positive response because it was aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among the younger generation. It is noteworthy that the priority number of participants that were attracted to the Challenge ‘The Other You’ turned out to be youth. Also, a large number of our popular stars, businessmen, cultural figures and athletes supported this challenge as active participants. The Challenge took 21 days total, during