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EXPERT OPINION Which entertaining content on the Internet in Kazakhstan will people pay for? How many times a day do you look at your smartphone screen to check notices and messages or social networks? According to various survey data, a person looks at their electronic devices more than 150 times a day. This statistic is verifiable. Today the smartphone provides al- most unlimited possibilities. We use it for work, to have fun, to build relationships and sometimes even to find love. Smart- phones with access to mobile internet provide answers to any information requests, including questions about what to see or listen to. According to the statistics of Google Trends in top 5 requests four lines is a search for a video – TV series Game of Thrones and Fizruk and a phrase Films of 2017. Kazakhstani people, like most Internet users around the world, are more interested in entertaining content. Howev- er, this entertainment is often accompanied by unrequested information in most cases: banner advertisements, pop-up messages and invitations to online-casino at video hosting services interrupt our personal space during movie viewing, listening to music or reading. The development of OTT technology helps to clean up this information 'garbage' from entertaining Internet-content. Over-the-Top is a method that provides multimedia services through the Internet on a commercial basis. The user pays for what he/she chooses and gets only what he/she actually needs. For content suppliers this technology also opens new borders. Today OTT provides traditional television, which is available not only for television screens, but also on smart- phones or laptops through mobile applications. Kcell company has been developing the mobi ecosystem since 2016. It is an entertainment service that provides legal content and prohibits advertisements with a paid subscrip- tion. The ecosystem includes the following entertaining ser- vices: mobi music, mobi TV, mobi kino, Bookmate from activ, mobi press and the mobile and financial service called mobi money. And this is a completely new format of using media for Kazakhstan people. Almost 800,000 Kcell and Activ subscribers have become ac- tive mobi users in the last two years. The mobi music application has attracted 378,000 people to listen to music, 288,000 viewers watch mobile television in mobi TV, 69,000 people choose to view films and TV series in 46 world monitor