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EXPERT OPINION history of use. There are also drugs that can be attributed to the highest level of the pharmaceutical hierarchy – biotech drugs. For example, SANTO supplies the market with the biotech drug Epoetin Zeta. The drug is a biosimilar of the original drug Epoetin Alfa. It is used in patients with chronic kidney disease receiving hemodialysis in both adults and children, as well as in patients who are in the predialysis stage, in oncological patients who receive chemotherapy and in hematologic diseases. Epoetin Zeta makes the treatment of serious diseases much more effective and more accessible for more patients. SANTO works within a broad therapeutic sector, from ambulatory and inpatient diseases to the most serious and costly in terms of health care costs. One of our main strategic objectives is to make drug supply affordable. Going back to what we talked about today, do you think there is a potential in the development of Kazakhstan to be the centre of the pharmaceutical industry in Central Asia? We can definitely assume that the company SANTO will be the leader, if we talk about the neighboring states, about the growing turnover, the contribution of R&D. From the point of view of the national economy, we are distinguished from other pharmaceutical companies by an advantage – we are exporters to Central Asia and continue to increase this potential. That is, SANTO is not a local, but a regional player. For many years we have had a permanent presence in Kyrgyzstan, actively developing trade relations with Turkmenistan, while we also work in the EAEU and the Russian Federation, with whom we associate broad perspectives. Thus, Central Asia and the EEU are where we are present and actively developing our exports. We can confidently say that Kazakhstan is becoming the centre of the development of the pharmaceutical industry. I think that Russia, as the largest market, is an indicator of development. Today we have a portfolio of registered drugs in the Russian Federation, which includes vital drugs, and if we talk about penemous antibiotics, then we are among the top five companies in the EEU that produce such products. We were also the first to file a dossier on the registration procedure of the EAEU. This means that we will have registration certificates within the Eurasian format, which will allow us to receive mutual recognition and work immediately within the entire Eurasian Union. Our portfolio is diversified enough to work both in Central Asia and in the EEU. We are sure that the next step will be to obtain a GMP certificate outside the Eurasian Economic Union. Kazakhstan can become a centre for the development of the pharmaceutical industry and we really need support from within. It is important for us to understand our role as a reliable partner and investor, an associate of new economic transformations in the republic. What would you wish to our readers? There is an excellent skill that is planted in the western education system – a critical analysis. I would like to wish our people to try to think in light of the facts and less in view of the emotional components. Less myths and more facts and objective information that helps you make the right decisions! supported by EUROBAK 35