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EXPERT OPINION Friend of the national economy Could you tell us more about SANTO and, in particular, the role of the domestic pharmaceutical industry in the development of healthcare in Kazakhstan? The SANTO plant was founded in 1882 in what is now the modern city of Shymkent. In 2011, the company became part of the international European Polpharma Group. Since that time, Polpharma Group has implemented a large-scale investment program for production modernization at the plant. Irina Chublukova, Director on market access and specialty Care products promotion, Santo To date, about $84 million has been invested in the renewal of production. As part of the investment program, six production sites operating under the international standard cGMP, a modern warehouse complex, and a transport and logistics infrastructure have been updated. The implemented measures contributed to the fact that SANTO took a leading position in the Kazakhstan market. Today SANTO is the number one company, according to IMS Health in terms of being developed in the public procurement sector and retail sales. This clearly demonstrates that the company's development strategy successfully harmonizes with the needs of Kazakhstan’s healthcare system. The company’s product and pricing policies reflect the fact that both consumers and doctors choose SANTO products. We are no doubt very proud of this fact. And we understand that this imposes certain obligations on us: we are a socially responsible company, we have many projects aimed at developing the social sphere. We are one of the largest employers in Kazakhstan’s pharmaceutical industry. We employ about 1,200 people, respectively, and our share of taxes to the state budget 32 world monitor is significant. In addition, we are investing in drug development and the development of a research laboratory in Shymkent. At the same time, these are mainly their own developments, and not technological transfer from foreign locations. Our medicines are effective, safe and of a high quality, meeting the requirements and standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The research and testing center of our company is unique: we do not use the services of third-party contractors, do not order them abroad, but rather carry out everything based on our center. SANTO successfully exports its products to Russia and Kyrgyzstan, while developing the markets of Mongolia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, as well as meeting the needs of the domestic market. This will again benefit the country. Why do I focus on this? SANTO follows the principles of mutually beneficial and fair partnership, accumulating money in Kazakhstan, paying taxes, salaries, attracting investments, creating a positive trade balance, without taking money abroad. we are developing the export of our products outside of Kazakhstan. We believe that in this matter, the idea of Kazakhstan patriotism is important among investors who have come not only to make money in the new market, but, above all, to develop and improve it. SANTO is a pharmaceutical company that creates a whole cascade of effects influencing the national economy. We have become a ‘friend of the national economy’. Speaking about the role of the pharmaceu- tical industry in the development of the do- mestic economy and the healthcare system, it is necessary to note three important fac- tors: first, a strong pharmaceutical industry is a reliable and sustainable development