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EXPERT OPINION opinion, any company depends on what kind of people work there: how devoted they are, how well they work toward common goals, and how well they feel in the team. Any HR director has similar questions, and our forum helps to find the answers. We are trying to make each new forum better than the previous one. The content level and topics discussed grow and the forum is gaining in scale. The HR forum is attended by a large number of our regular participants, who come year after year, as this event is interesting to them. We strive to create the most ambitious event for HR professionals, a place to discuss pressing issues, exchange views and interests, meet and develop business relationships. When preparing, we explore modern trends, sometimes even anticipate and forecast trends. For example, the topic of agile, teamwork, scram-technologies are popular today. Great attention is paid to the HR direc- tor’s personality, his or her professional- ism, since he or she is responsible for the personnel management policy. At the same time, much depends on the organizational level of particular com- pany, which corporate culture has been developed there. This year we had a rich and interesting program, which re- ceived a positive response from the par- ticipants. In particular, these included the corporate development of talents (at the level of large corporations), per- formance management (direction re- lated to executive discipline) and how capabilities of IT technologies help in this regard, accountability – personal responsibility of each employee for the overall result in the company. One of the highlights of the forum was a presentation by a certified facilitator from the Young Presidents Organization, Yana Agarunova, from Moscow who covered the theme: ‘What are CEO’s main concerns?’ based on her own experience. The final session was devoted to Best Practice and Key Studies, where HR directors and heads of well-known companies were invited. They shared practical cases on implementing innovations in the field of personnel management. Kazakhstan Growth Forum established the nomination – the Best HRD 2018 for human resource directors. The best HR professionals were awarded for the successful implementation of proj- ects. Could you share about the idea for this nomination? Kazakhstan Growth Forum is the event under Centras group umbrella that allows for several events per year. We decided that we had already grown to establish a professional nomination and award for HR directors. Previously, such nominations were established for top managers within the Kazakhstan Growth Forum and for CFOs at the CFO Summit. The winners were determined by an expert jury consisting of the first leaders of large Kazakhstani companies. This year, five awards were presented. We wanted the winners to know that their contribution in their company is highly valued by the expert community. Companies that are at the same level as yours are not stagnant, but constantly on the move, in development ... Is there any news that you could share with readers? The most positive news of all is rebranding. We recently introduced the new image of our company. This is the grandest update that occurred with our brand for 27 years. Now we visually look as simply Kommesk. The idea of our rebranding and new logo is based on the sign of infinity, symbolizing eternal values, such as care, love, support, and trust. First, we internally introduced the new style to our employees. They welcomed the idea very warmly. Now we are promoting the new brand for external consumers. As for business news, we are actively preparing for the introduction of online insurance. From 1 January 2019, it will be possible to issue, pay and receive an electronic policy on the insurer's lending page. This is a big advantage for customers looking to save time. You can apply for insurance from your home or office. We are working on the development of a personal account on the company's website. Every client will be able to check their policies and see their insurance history. Moreover, the client will be able to submit an application for an insurance case, which means a visit to the insurance company’s office is also not necessary in such situations. The main focus for development of insurance products is aimed at fighting cancer. Another product is ‘Depreciation’ (Amortization) program where car owners can receive an additional payment for new parts to replace damaged ones in their cars. Significant attention is paid to third-party liability insurance. We want to strengthen our position in the insurance market and continue to achieve positive results in our activities. To do this, we have an adequate supply of financial endurance, one of the highest ratings among insurance companies from A.M. Best and, of course, the most professional team. What would you like to wish the readers of World Monitor? My main wish is to be healthy because it is the most important component in our life. Let everyone be happy, since happiness, in my opinion, is when you feel needed at home and at work. supported by EUROBAK 29