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EXPERT OPINION New Kommesk – old values payout policy. After all, customers form their opinion about the reliability of a company according to this criterion, as well as by how responsible and efficient it solves the issue of insurance payments. The important service component of a company is the policy in the field of claims’ settlement and optimization of claims settlement process, informing customers on time and applying new technologies. Regarding loyalty, the NPC ratio (Net Promoter Score) is about 72%. This indicates a high commitment to our company from customers who recommend us to their friends and colleagues. Oleg Khanin, Chairman of the Board, Kommesk-Omir Insurance Company Kommesk-Omіr is one of the largest insurance companies in Kazakhstan. The company has many achievements over 27 years of work. Which ones would you like to point out? We are proud to be the same age as Kazakhstan’s independence and one of the few companies operating in the insurance market for so many years. Our most important achievement over the years is our team – a team of professionals and dedicated people. We often say that the Kommesk-Omіr team is a big family. We support each other, share joys and successes, jointly solve problems. partners. We pay significant attention to the development of infrastructure, IT- technologies, and the digitalization of insurance processes. Everything that we do is aimed at satisfying the needs of our clients so they feel comfortable not only when signing insurance contracts, but also when receiving insurance payments. We try to improve our service. We interact with clients 24/7 through our call centre and WhatsApp. Clients can remotely order and pay for policies and correspond with our operators. When making insurance payments, we try to minimize our client’s visit to our office to one time. We grow in all key positions in the insurance market. Kommesk-Omіr is in the top ten among the insurance companies of the country. This is very important for us, since we are a non- bank insurance company and we are moving forward with our own efforts. We work on the speed of payments. For example, 99% of our payments are made within seven working days. In accordance with the legislation on compulsory insurance of the civil defense license, the insurance payment can be done within 15 working days from the date of receiving the documents. We make about 100% of payments on AutoCASCO within five working days. We are positioning a fair We have many plans for changes and projects, proposals for our clients and 28 world monitor On 9 November 2018 the VI Kazakhstani HR Forum was organized by Kommesk-Omir and the Kazakhstan Growth Forum. What was an idea behind personnel development in Kazakhstan? What changes have you seen since the first forum? What questions remain the most relevant for the participants of this event? Once discussing the development for Centras group of companies, which includes Kommesk-Omіr, we realized that we lack certain expert opinions in particular areas. One of them was personnel management. We raised the question of how do we develop a group of companies, which direction to move in? We decided to gather professionals in this field, asked them to share their work with colleagues. When I was offered a choice to head the organization of financial or HR directors’ forum, I chose in favor of HR. This is a very interesting, constantly changing direction related to people, their competencies, and teamwork. In my