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DESTINATION KAZAKHSTAN Investment Statistics Dynamics of investments in fixed assets in the manufacturing industry, billion tenge $12,3 bln. 15,4% $10,6 bln. 9 month 2016 1 st half of 2018 825,5 599,4 543,1 1 st half of 2017 126,4% 103,5% 9 month 2017 9 month 2018 Dynamics of gross inflows FDI for 2005 - 1 half. 2018 billion US dollars Gross inflow of FDI for 2005–2017 - $ 277 billion 19,4 7,9 2005 21,3 21,4 22,2 26,5 28,9 24,1 23,7 12,1 2006 2007 21,0 15,2 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 investments in the manufacturing sector did not exceed 8% – today this level has increased almost 3 times. This suggests that companies with new technologies for processing and manufacturing products come to Kazakhstan. became an associate member of the Investment Committee of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and also joined the Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises. Kazakhstan is the leader in Central Asia in a total share of 70% in attracted foreign direct investment. Kazakhstan’s accession to the OECD Investment Committee and accession to the Declaration testifies to our country's desire to provide a fair and transparent environment for international investment, serves as an indicator of Kazakhstan’s investment climate compliance with the high standards and practices of OECD member countries, while also provides the basis for foreign direct investment in Kazakhstan, the influx of which is expected from 47 donor countries. During the years of independence, the Government, under the leadership of the Head of State, carried out large- scale reforms to improve the country's investment climate, with the result that in the Doing Business rating of the World Bank, Kazakhstan ranks 28th among 190 countries, having improved its performance by eight positions compared to last year. As a result of the measures taken in June 2017, Kazakhstan officially In addition, to improve the investment climate as laid out in the instructions of the Head of State, the Ministry 2015 20,8 12,3 2016 half 2017 1 1 st полуг. of 2018 2018 1 of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the World Bank has developed a National Investment Strategy for 2018-2022. The Strategy focuses on attracting foreign direct investment in the non-primary sector, focused primarily on exports. It should be noted that within the Strategy, special attention is paid not only to attracting new investors, but also to retaining existing investors and encouraging reinvestment. In addition, there are measures in the Strategy aimed at improving investors’ work, and this is an important objective for us, as statistics show that about 70% of foreign investments are reinvestments. As a result of the work on investments and reinvestments, the following vivid examples of investment projects can be noted. supported by EUROBAK 11