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Glencairn Museum and great hall are covered (floor to ceiling) with intricate mosaic work. Their subtle coloring and symbolic imagery will help develop and refine your ability to select and combine colors to create meaningful artwork. At Bryn Athyn Cathedral every surface exemplifies Arts and Crafts handiwork: The contours of carefully chiseled stonework set off amazing color variations, and the juxtaposition of different kinds of stone create striking color combinations. The figurative and decorative capitals are brilliant examples of different stone carving techniques. If you are interested in metal forging, you will appreciate the intricate scroll-work of monel doors, as well as handmade door knobs, keys, and locking mechanisms throughout the cathedral. You can handle the railings, hinges, and bolts made by master craftsmen at the turn of the twentieth century. 2016 Workshop Instructor Calendar Workshop June 27- July 1 July 11-15 July 18-22 July 25-29 Blacksmithing (p.4) John J. Rais Warren Holzman Jeb Wood Michael Rossi Mosaics (p.6) Ricky Boscarino Carol Stirton-Broad Stained Glass (p.8) Sasha Zhitneva J. Kenneth Leap Stonecarving (p.10) 2 Workshops at Bryn Athyn Yakov Hanansen Joseph Cavalieri Steve Hartley Jens Langlotz Simeon Warren