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WORKSHOPS Glass Lamination with Sasha Zhitneva Munich Style Glass Painting with J. Kenneth Leap June 27- July 1 β€” $675 July 11–15 β€” $675 For a glass artist, lamination opens many possibilities for merging different glass techniques in creating a twodimensional panel. Various laminating adhesives including Bohle and corresponding processes are going to be covered as well as technical aspects that have to be taken into account for constructing structurally solid work. Steps such as designing a piece, breaking it into layers, deciding on the order of those depending on different media, execution and assembly are going to be covered. Also, the class explores the effects of lighting on different types of glass and talks about how taking these into account is a crucial element for a coherently composed glass panel/collage. Sasha Zhitneva is an award-winning designer and artist who has worked creatively with glass since 1995. She studied in Russia, Spain and in the United States. Her work has been exhibited in SOFA expositions in Chicago, Palm Beach and New York, and in numerous solo and group shows in the United States and overseas. 8 Workshops at Bryn Athyn This class will start with the core skills of traditional glass painting (tracing and matting), then concentrate on 19th century figurative techniques as exemplified by the Munich Style. Students can choose to practice brocade drapery, foliage, ornamental borders and painting the figure. Students will learn a variety of processes for mixing and layering pigments with exotic mediums. Glass selection and enamel work for flesh will be explored in depth. This class will be of specific interest to restoration painters and to all who admire the techniques of the 19th century. J Kenneth Leap, Director of Building Arts at Bryn Athyn College, began his career in 1987 when he opened his studio, The Painted Window, a year after earning a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. He is primarily known for his public art installations throughout New Jersey. He is an ambassador artist for Wheaton Arts in Millville, NJ where he has maintained his primary studio since 1994. He’s also an artist in residence at Glencairn Museum in Bryn Athyn, PA and teaches stained glass at Bryn Athyn College.