Working Women Magazine - Winter/Spring 2015 edition Winter/Spring 2015 - Page 24

WW PRODUCTIVITY OVERCOMING TH E WI NTER BLU ES The winter months are often cold, dreary and draining on your motivation levels. Rather than letting the winter blues get the better of you, use these proactive steps outlined by KIRSTY O’CALLAGHAN so you and your team will be happy and productive throughout the winter season and beyond. Are you finding that both you and your team are lethargic, finding it hard to concentrate, and are less motivated and inspired than usual? Are you lacking the positive outlook and energy you usually have? There is a reason for this. Research has suggested that up to 20 per cent of the population may suffer from the ‘winter blues’, caused by fewer hours of daylight, less direct sunlight, cold or cooler temperatures, and other weather conditions. Some signs of the winter blues include fatigue, an inability to concentrate and even depression. These feelings can make it particularly difficult for you and your team to remain energetic and motivated and can lead to a significant decrease in performance and mental energy, as well as an increase in frustratio