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“Conflict Management”

Conflict management involves skills development and practice in mastering conflict management and challenging conversations. Being able to have a crucial conversation around tough topics is key to a successful career. Through simple tips, shared scenarios, conversation practice and role plays, participants will learn and experiment with a range of conflict management techniques and styles. The object of the session is for the participant to move forward with confidence in how to respond authentically and appropriately in a situation of conflict.

"Navigating your Career"

As a graduate, spending time finding your authentic voice and discovering your personal brand is extremely valuable. This session is a mixture of self-discovery and practical application. Beginning with a personal brand discovery module: Do I have a personal brand? Do I know what it is? How can I develop one? through to presence, influence and professional image. We will look at your personal pitch, confidence and different ways to map out the future.

“Strategic Thinking”

This session is an opportunity for participants to learn skills and theory around Strategic Thinking. We will explore the following: Why is strategic thinking important? Where can Strategic Thinking be applied? followed by an interactive practice of the stages of Strategic Thinking: Assessing situations, recognising patterns, and making decisions. This is the final part of the thinking series: Creative thinking, Design Thinking and Blue Sky Thinking.

“Superskills of Communication”

SuperSkills is a Facet 5 application focused on the skill and art of effective communication. The session will include a debrief on the five Superskills of good conversation skills: Presence, Hyper-awareness, Decoding, Voicing and Flow control. Participants will receive their Superskills report and gain an understanding of their strengths are within the Superskills and what they can develop.

“Curiosity: The Power of Curiosity”

This a short, bite-size session on exploring and fostering curiosity. Influenced by philosophers of today and the past, including Brian Cox and Stephen Hawking, we will explore what it is to ask the big questions and their relevance to the business landscape of today. We will look at the neuroscience behind curiosity and how curiosity is the fuel for business innovation. And finally, we will explore ways we can all foster curiosity in our lives and work on a daily basis.