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The Six Thinking Hats created by Sir Edward De Bono is a simple and strategic way of applying different thinking styles to solving problems. There are six metaphorical hats (Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Black and White) which each represent a different type of thinking, ranging from critical to creative thinking.

The idea being that in a group, individuals wear the same hat at the same time to ensure "parallel" thinking. When using the Six Thinking Hats people are literally on the same page and avoid "spaghetti thinking." (One person is thinking about the benefits and the other the downsides).

"The hats allow us to think and to say things that otherwise we could think nor say without risking the ego." (Edward De Bono)


Each hat is to be used for a limited time only.

The Hat is to be referred to by its colour and not by its function.

The Blue Hat is to be used at the beginning and at the end.

The Hat is not a means of describing an individual.


Provides a common language.

Improves the quality of thinking and the quality of the actions that follow.

It is a mechanism for switching gears (structures the conversation).

Encourages creativity.

Breaks down complex decision making.

Encourages diversity of thought- encourages the experience & intelligence of each person.

Helps people work against preference.

Saves time.

Focuses on one thing at a time.

Creates, evaluates and implements action plans.

Edward De bono

Edward De Bono is the world's leading authority on conceptual thinking. He is the author of 83 books, which have been translated into 43 languages. He is the creator of the term "lateral thinking". His theories, concepts and tools are used in businesses and educational institutions all over the world. The Six Thinking Hats was introduced in 1985 and has enjoyed waves of popularity over time.