WoodSkills Issue 02 - Page 98

There are nested levels of participation in your social network with each person in your network considered a connection. Your network comprises 1st degree, 2nd degree, and 3rd degree connections. A higher ranking or 1st degree indicates a close connection to an individual and you have invited or have been invited into your respective networks. A 2nd degree connection is a member connected to your 1st degree connection. A 3rd degree individual has a connection with your 2nd degree connection. This concept allows you to cultivate relationships with other Linkedin members that have a vested interest in your type of business. Rather than simply acquiring followers as on other social media platforms, Linkedin prefers you select and nurture a relationship with a smaller but more relevant community of members. The Linkedin emphasis is on quality of contacts rather than sheer numbers of followers. Since Linkedin focuses on professionalism, the posts are centered on successes, careers, business opportunities, new product launches, awards and recognition.

As a furniture maker, Linkedin is an ideal medium to share a new furniture design or woodworking product. Individual users on Linkedin can follow businesses and companies. Linkedin also has groups of which you can join or even create. As a member of a Linkedin group, you and your business will be in even closer proximity to prospective clients. As a furniture maker, Linkedin enables you to develop a substantial network of people interested in your work and acquiring it. Business opportunities can be created and developed through Linkedin. Nurturing relationships with other businesses can assist with outsourcing certain processes or components of your furniture. For example, several furniture makers would rather not finish their furniture pieces and instead outsource to professional finishers. Another example is if you combine metal and wood in your furniture, you can seek other businesses to outsource the fabrication of the metal components. Other businesses can also seek you out to create furniture or furniture related opportunities.