WoodSkills Issue 02 - Page 96

Twitter is another of the wave of new social media platforms that can expose your business to tens of thousands of potential clients. By regularly posting and engaging with other Twitter businesses and followers, your posts will be seen by significantly more people. Being active is key to being successful on any of these social media platforms. Twitter is historically one of the earliest social media platforms and has grown to a large membership. Twitter users engage with each other. It is possible to join Twitter on a personal basis or set yourself up as a business. A business account provides the most benefit to your business. A Twitter business account can tap into hundreds of thousands of people with similar interests. Each instance of a Twitter post acquires Likes, Comments and Retweets which increase engagement of your post and raise its ranking. Through an advanced algorithm, a higher ranking Twitter post is then served to more followers. It is this cascading exposure that will benefit your business.

Twitter posts include text with static images or a video. Hashtags included in your Twitter post strategically target certain niches. Hashtags have a life of their own and facilitate a search for a category of post. For example, an often-used hashtag applied to my posts on all social media platforms is #woodworking. This hashtag increases the possibility of being seen by a Twitter user using the search term woodworking. Another feature of a Twitter business account is advertising. Twitter ad campaigns can be set up to target the demographic most likely to purchase your work. The ads are in-line with regular posts when people scroll through their news feeds. If the targeting is correct and focused interests have been set up in an ad campaign, likelihood of a response to the ad increases.

Ad campaigns can be set up with either PPC (Pay Per Click) or Tweet engagement, Video views, App downloads or to simply increase your followers. The PPC strategy drives traffic to your website or wherever your work is sold. A tweet engagement presents your post to as many viewers as possible and increases brand awareness. In a Twitter ad campaign, you set a daily budget and duration of the campaign. The ad campaign runs continually until the expiry date.


Snapshot of Twitter account [Pirollo Design]