WoodSkills Issue 02 - Page 95

Snapshot of a Facebook Business page [Pirollo Design]

The original social media platform, Facebook, has evolved to include an option specifically to promote business. The Facebook Page option is designed with business in mind. A Facebook Business page is separate from your Personal page but is easily accessed through your Facebook profile. For example, a personal user on Facebook can create a business page and have it available to view while logged into Facebook. This significantly reduces the steps necessary to access and update your Business page. It is relatively straightforward to create a Facebook Business page and populate it with critical business information.

The Business page then takes on a life of its own and with clever marketing will draw clients to your business. Facebook Business pages are also used as a peer-to-peer networking tool to discover other businesses to aid in marketing your business. I call this cross-pollination. Other businesses, local and distant, will find and seek you for business-to-business activity. Posts on a Facebook Business page include new product announcements, new furniture designs, shop additions, and positive reviews.

Static information on a Facebook Business page includes your business location, business hours, a website link, contact info, and specific information for your business. A feature a business account provides is advertising in the form of promotional post boosts and dedicated ad campaigns. Facebook ad campaigns are set up to target the demographic most likely to purchase your work. The ads are in-line with regular posts when people scroll through their news feed. If targeting and focused interests have been strategically set up in a Facebook ad campaign, the likelihood of a response to your ad increases.

Ad campaigns can be set up as either CPC (Cost Per Click) or Post views. The CPC strategy directs a person to your website or wherever your work is sold. Post views instead present your post to as many viewers as possible, ideal for branding of your furniture designs. In optimal circumstances, your Facebook post will be shared by a Facebook viewer. Sharing compounds post visibility and is invaluable to getting the word out of your woodworking business or furniture making.