WoodSkills Issue 02 - Page 94

Website developers can be easily found in most cities and you should shop for both the best price and quality of website you have designed. It is necessary to add that ongoing maintenance costs of hosting and updating a website need to be factored in to the initial cost of creating and publishing a website. You can also design and create your own website. Today, several website hosting companies are available that enable you to create your own website and have it hosted. Templates are typically used to perform this and the results are good. Having used such a process recently, I was impressed at the quality and ease of creating a website.

Photographing the furniture you create is an important criteria in your marketing. Some furniture makers perform their own photography while others hire professional photographers to regularly drop in and photograph their work. If you opt to perform your own photography, you will need to invest in considerable photographic equipment. Vital equipment includes a tripod, a large backdrop; auxiliary lighting and a high quality DSLR type camera. It will be necessary to take workshops to work a camera and perform studio photography. An advantage to shooting your own work is the flexibility it provides.


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You can photograph the work at your leisure instead of waiting on a professional photographer. Today, I combine my photography with that of professional photographers. If a piece of furniture can not be easily photographed, I do not hesitate to contact a professional photographer for the task. It is well worth it since my time is valuable and outstanding photography can make a commission or sale. The takeaway is to not always take the most inexpensive path in your marketing. Better quality marketing often leads to sales which more than compensate for the extra cost of the marketing tool, be it photography or advertising.

In recent years, there has been an explosion of social media platforms that can bring awareness to your furniture making business. The most popular and widespread platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube. The following paragraphs describe the social media platforms I use most often, and those that have the greatest potential for exposure of your business. Consequently, I have embraced social media as an effective marketing tool for business.