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Internet Marketing

Only a few years ago, advertising and marketing were performed through traditional mediums such as magazine ads, newspaper ads, and the ubiquitous Yellow Pages. Today, the Internet makes several online marketing resources available. It makes complete sense to have an Internet presence for the woodworking business you are developing. A large part of an Internet presence is in the form of a website. A website can display a gallery of your furniture and includes sections devoted to your biography, work philosophy, genre and style of furniture, and an optional blog. Other website components include contact information, general inquiries, and purchasing and commissioning information for clients.

My web presence has been available since 1996, originally offered through third party online gallery websites. A woodworking and furniture related website devoted exclusively to my work was developed and launched in 1997. Websites of this era were primitive as website software was evolving and had not been perfected or standardized. Internet bandwidth was low, speeds were low, and overall visual quality and resolution were dismal.

In this period, digital photography was also in its infancy. Digital photography has simplified the photographing of furniture pieces to make the images available online. Today, website software quality and variety have dramatically increased, costs have come down, and there are many skilled individuals available to create your website. Internet bandwidth has increased an order of magnitude in the intervening twenty years with photo and video resolution increasing accordingly. Having witnessed this evolution, it is much more pleasant to create, update, and market a website today.

Web sites work hand in hand with social media in bringing awareness to your woodworking business and furniture making. Digital photography technology has also progressed exponentially over this period, and costs have dropped considerably. Website hosting fees are very reasonable today. All this makes it much more appealing and affordable to have a website today. Another factor to consider is that your competition likely has a web presence, so it is necessary to publish your own website to remain competitive. Today, it is expected for a furniture maker to have a dedicated website with info about their business, philosophy and a gallery of their work. A blog is also critical to marketing yourself as a furniture maker.


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