WoodSkills Issue 02 - Page 61

Afterward, the extra material was trimmed down to the four edges of the front jaw using a sharp knife. As a final step, a 3/8-inch thick extension strip is applied to the rear bottom of the table support as shown in the image below and on the next page. This extension strip extends the bottom to the same depth as the table itself. When the Moxon vise is mounted on its side as shown on next page, it will be perfectly vertical against a wall.

The 3/8-inch thick extension strip is necessary since the table extends past the table support a distance of 3/8-inches. With the extension strip applied to the lower back as shown, the Moxon vise will be perfectly vertical in orientation. The view shows the bottom of the Moxon vise where the extension strip is applied to the lower side of the table support. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how little space the Moxon vise occupied when placed against a wall. Since hard maple was used in this build, this Moxon vise is not light, due to the hardwoods and weight of the cast hardware. The advantage is that the Moxon vise is stable and strong. With the Moxon vise, I can now work at a comfortable height without stooping down to the work.


Photo of rear of Moxon vise with extra hardwood strip, table and table support

This stance is very beneficial when sawing dovetails and for detail work. The additional table at the rear provides a platform for marking and chisel work performed on a workpiece. You can modify the design to suit your work methods and the scale of your work. This shop-built Moxon vise is derivative and introduces a few new features. The vise uses current hardware and is a modern adaptation of a centuries old, time-proven design.

There is a resurgence of interest in early woodworking techniques, processes and workbench equipment. The Moxon vise is an excellent example of how everything old is new again. Your back and posture will thank you after having used the Moxon vise for a while. Being hunched over for long periods can affect your posture and cause all sorts of back issues. I can also see how it will benefit a taller woodworker. Of course, you can customize the Moxon vise to adapt to your workbench. So go ahead and raise your work to new heights with a Moxon vise. The vise will be a welcome addition to my furniture making studio!