WoodSkills Issue 02 - Page 21


Use of rabbet and lip technique to conceal door overlay

Several thoughts and ideas raced through my mind. With jewelry boxes, a few could easily be created on spec and eventually sold. The more popular models of jewelry boxes were created in small batches. With larger cabinets, this approach was no longer feasible. Since there would be a unique design and customization with each cabinet, it could not be solely produced on (spec) speculation. It became necessary to acquire a commission from a client along with a down payment for materials. This describes the standard method of doing commission work. A formal contract would also need to be signed between the client and myself. The contract included completion dates and an accurate estimate of the cost of the cabinet. Both standalone cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets were offered. By 2008, my financial situation improved to where my furniture making studio could be equipped with a few more wall-mounted tool cabinets, a dedicated plane rack and more hand planes. The wall mounted plane rack design was modeled after existing designs. The hand planes sit in angled compartments, making it easy to grab the correct hand plane for a task.

Over the course of the year, a new piece of machinery came into my possession. I was informed of an opportunity to purchase a vintage wide bed jointer. Until this time, the only jointer in my shop had a narrow 6-inch bed. This limited the width of boards to be jointed and prepared. The vintage jointer had a 9.25-inch wide bed with longer input and output beds. This allowed me to maintain the width of most rough boards and was a boon to my workflow. In mid-2008, another of the standalone cabinets was being designed and built. This cabinet had a cleaner design and featured fully veneered front doors. I wanted to feature unique grain graphics on the doors. Assembling doors using frame and panel construction considerably reduced the size of the panel graphics. Fully veneered doors allowed more door area to display exciting figure. A fully veneered method of door construction would also provide me with an exciting challenge.