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Proficiency in creating videos is a criteria although with the current crop of software, this is becoming simpler. With basic editing, videos can today be created on smartphones and transferred directly to YouTube. The choice is yours whether you wish to create videos that are professional in appearance or post videos as you go. The latter choice is often the best choice since video editing can be time consuming. This is valuable time away from your core business. My advice is to maintain video quality but make editing simple so it does not interfere with your work. Once your YouTube channel is established, you can also create playlists of videos. This feature allows you to organized videos by topic. Playlists make it easier for a viewer of your channel to select the relevant videos they choose to watch. The YouTube platform also has a highly regarded search feature to search through the mammoth YouTube repository of videos on almost any subject or topic.

Apply optimal keywords to your videos and the search function enables a viewer to find your videos. YouTube viewers can also comment on videos, allowing you to engage with viewers and increases the exposure your video receives. Videos can also be shared among viewers. Through sharing, the potential for your video to be viewed increases substantially. If a viewer likes your videos and channel, they have the option to subscribe to the channel. Whenever you post a video to your channel, subscribers are automatically notified of the latest video. Views to your videos and channel increase by having the number of subscribers to your channel increase. The monetization option does exist on the YouTube platform. Once your subscriber number surpasses a certain mark, namely 100k, you have the potential of earning money through your videos. This is in the form of compensation of number of views per video. The takeaway is to embrace social media and use it to market and publicize your business.

Norman Pirollo

Custom Furniture


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