WoodSkills Issue 02 - Page 100

If the Instagram targeting is correct and focused interests have been set up in an ad campaign, the likelihood of response to the Instagram ad increases. Ad campaigns can be set up as either PPC (Pay Per Click) or a post engagement, Video view, App download or to increase your followers. The PPC strategy drives traffic to your website or wherever your work is sold. Post engagement instead presents your post to as many viewers as possible, increasing the exposure you receive and branding of your product. As of this writing, Instagram does not offer monetization, although it will be offered soon according to industry insiders. Posting and reading posts consumes an inordinate amount of time which is valuable time away from your business. You will need to determine how much of your time to allocate to social media, so it does not significantly interfere with your core furniture making business.


YouTube is another popular social media platform to promote your business and develop a following. The premise of YouTube is the sharing of videos. It is the oldest large scale video sharing service available on the Internet. Millions of members and viewers connect with YouTube daily. A member can create an account and a channel associated with it. The channel should have a unique, easily remembered name. The channel is then populated with videos the member creates. YouTube is ubiquitous and widely recognized as the go to source for instructional videos on wide-ranging topics. The caveat to Youtube’s popularity is that videos are mostly home spun. There is considerable chaff to sort through to find video gems. If one needs to quickly learn about a particular topic or product, YouTube is a good choice for a video explaining the topic.

YouTube is a large and well-known platform for sharing videos but not so much for developing business relationships. As a furniture maker, YouTube offers the potential to demonstrate your furniture making techniques. YouTube is also an effective platform to host videos describing the furniture pieces you intend to market. As well, you can profile yourself as a furniture maker and promote your business through YouTube. I regularly post videos on my YouTube channel of various techniques used in my furniture making studio. Through YouTube videos, you can describe the joinery you use, your philosophy of furniture making, and the processes you follow to create furniture.

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