Women's Elevation Magazine May 2015 - Page 4

From the Founder DELISHA SYLVESTER With the state of events going on in Baltimore, I urge everyone to pray for this city. The social injustices happening in Baltimore are not new. We’ve seen this before in Ferguson, New York, and many other cities across the United States. It is important that we remember that all lives matter, but in this instance where African American lives are dying at an increased rate by the hands of law official we must take a stand. So when we say “Black Lives Matter,” we say this to remind those that might have forgotten. As we feel our way through these tragedies it is also important to remind ourselves and our children to love themselves. Love yourself to fight for your people. Love yourself enough not to bring harm amongst yourself. Love yourself to see beyond your circumstance, and go after your dreams. With this issue we hope that message rings clear. As always…Happy reading! 4 | Women’s Elevation Magazine DeLisha