Women's Elevation Magazine May 2015 - Page 37

and vegetables than ever before. I hate milk. I drank milk, took calcium and iron pills. This was only the beginning. I read every child development book I could find. I began praying for and reading to my children in utero, petitioning for God’s blessings. This former night owl became an early riser. I stopped cursing and adhered to a mealtime and bedtime schedule. I loved them and I loved my new life with them. When my three year old died suddenly of a brainstem tumor, we closed in the ranks. We became closer and we loved each other and life - all life - with greater intensity. That has not changed. They were each delightful little girls. Smart. My girls were early readers, musicians, dancers, soccer players, little golfers and artists. I went to every PTA meeting and parent-teacher conference. I happily joined organizations, carpools and Parent Booster Club, I fought hard against racism and slights and taught them to fight for themselves and bow to no one. They grew into bold, precocious and adventuress teenagers and college students. They made mistakes, learned lessons and kept it moving. We often just laughed our way through. They have emerged as young women that make me proud. I enjoy their company at 27, 26 and 21. These reflections of me, this bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh have become amazing talented women in their own right. A college admissions assistant director, an exceptional educator, and a graduate student studying film directing. They bring me more joy and focus than I ever thought I’d have. I am their mother, life giver, soror, friend, role model and most of all – Life Long Advocate. Casey Curry is a mother, wife (former military spouse), creative writing teacher, author, poet, and gourmet cook. She recently made a successful debut as a novelist with Promises, which chronicles life for African Americans in the upper echelons of the military. Casey has been invited to participate in prestigious history and book events alongside the likes of Walter Mosley, Susan Taylor, Harry Belafonte, Sonia Sanchez and more. Women’s Elevation Magazine | 37