Women's Elevation Magazine May 2015 - Page 36

The human condition is such that we often wish for things, pray for things and even long for things that we are unwilling to pay the price to have. We are often unwilling to make the sacrifices for what we say we want. Twenty eight years ago, attending church at First AME in Los Angeles with a belly full of baby, I fretted over my lost waistline. In my shallow funk, I looked around at all the beautiful people in the sanctuary and felt fat and frumpy. Mind you, I had prayed for this baby, this first child and was elated when I found out after four years of marriage and two years of “trying,” we were finally going to have a baby. I shifted my focus on the minister yielding my full attention. He spoke of the malcontented Israelites, who prayed to be out of the oppression of Egypt, but were discontent with their “divine diet” in the wilderness and longed for all the exotic spices and foods available in their captivity. He belted over and over again, “You can’t have Egypt’s bread in Canaan’s land!” H