Women's Elevation Magazine May 2015 - Page 33

silly but I’m big into speaking the Word of God over my life- especially when it comes to the things that He says about us. As you begin to speak those things and meditate on them, whatever you meditate on [in abundance] is going to expand. A lot of times, the reason we have low self-esteem is because we’ve meditated on these negative thoughts for so long that we believe them. You have to be intentional about meditating on the good things that God says. Even though, I may not feel wonderfully and fearfully made. I may not feel like a virtuous woman. I may not feel beautiful but this is what I’m going to meditate on- on a daily basis and tell myself until I believe it. Put it in your mirror. Whether or not, you have to type up the scriptures and turn them into affirmations and put them in your car. You have to be intentional about speaking those things and telling yourself that because the world will have you believing that you have to have all these other external things in order to be beautiful. And without all of that. . . Without the make up. There’s nothing wrong with make-up. There’s nothing wrong with hair weave and all that other stuff. I love all that stuff! I’m a girly girl! When it’s all stripped off and taken off, you have to know that you’re still beautiful. You’re fearfully and wonderfully made. God has made you a virtuous woman and He loves you! You have to tell yourself that, on a daily basis. I can honestly say that it was a pleasure and an honor to meet the Tylers (and their very energetic dog,Shadow)!Mrs.Tylerhasearnedplentyofbraggingrights,ifyouwillbutclearlywalksinhumility. If you’re looking for more inspiration and are interested in supporting her endeavors, please visit www.jenniferlucyinspires.com! You will not be disappointed! Kara Frison is a contributing writer for Women’s Elevation Magazine. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter/Instagram {@karalfrison} and check out her blog- Kara’s Soft Words at www.softwordsbrighteyes.blogspot.com! Women’s Elevation Magazine | 33