Women's Elevation Magazine May 2015 - Page 28

isolated events.” So I said, “This year, I’m going to journal all these amazing things that God is doing because he does amazing things- every day, in our lives. And many times, we just magnify the negative things.” And I said, “Let’s add to it and be intentional about being someone else’s favor.” I realized when I take the focus off of myself; it brings more joy to me! And so many times, people are depressed and down and out because they’re just so focused on themselves and their own problems and situations. If they’re depressed and go out and do something like you did and pay for someone else’s toll, and then they get that appreciation and love, that will make you feel better because you’ve taken the focus off of yourself. That’s why I decided to do that. Last year, doing that was an amazing experience and a game-changer for me. It helped me to make sure that I’m focusing on the right things. And that I’m really being more grateful to God and appreciative of everything. Things may not be perfect and you may have challenges and stuff like that. . . Just last week, my father had a challenge. He almost overdosed off of drugs. My father still has challenges- to this day- with heroin. I could have allowed that incident to just totally ruin my week, my month. And of course, it was painful but just two days ago; Jeff and I were at my parents’ house. My dad, thank God, God brought him through it but we were able to sit and watch a movie with them and laugh with them and love on them. Those are the moments that I want to appreciate and remember and be grateful [for]. Yeah- we have this challenge with him and these addictions but God has granted us more time. It’s just taking your focus off of what the enemy is doing and focusing on what God is doing, even in the midst of all of that. K. Frison: Wow. . . I remember seeing your status last week when you asked everyone to stop and pray so I’m definitely grateful that God brought Him through. J. Tyler: Yeah. . . That was crazy. My mom called me last week and said, “Your father has overdosed. The paramedics have not gotten here yet. Come over here quick.” And my parents live 5 minutes away, so I was able to just jump in my car, go around the corner, and pray the whole time, on the way there. And literally, my dad [when I got there] was on the floor-not breathing. The paramedics were there an