Women's Elevation Magazine May 2015 - Page 25

K. Frison: Wow! I just feel like I could just ask you about anything! J. Tyler: It’s fine, girl! We could sit here and talk all day! I love this stuff! K. Frison: Aside from writing for the magazine, I also have a women’s group called Ladies of Virtue. . . Empowered! I just kind of wanted to just pick your brain. . . get advice on ways that I can be effective. It can be hard to be a young womanespecially when you’re serious about fostering that relationship with God. Sometimes I feel like it’s kind of easy to deal with a group but sometimes it’s harder to emphasize to younger women like, “You can do this! You can make it!” Even now, I’m kind of trying to figure out what I can do to draw them in without compromising. J. Tyler: The biggest thing is being transparent. So many young people- especially Christians and a lot of Christian women, when we get saved or delivered, we act like we still don’t have any challenges. . . like we’ve overcome it all and we’re “Jesus Juniors” on Earth. Okay? If I’m a young person who’s struggling, I’m not going to feel comfortable being in your space, or in your environment to talk to you because [I’ll think] “Hey! You’re perfect. You’re older. Everything is good. You know God and you have no problems and no struggles. You’ve overcome them all.” Now, yes- through Christ, we’re able to overcome all things but I think everyone has something that they’re currently overcoming. When we’re open about it, to young people, and say, “Hey! Just coming here. . . I had challenges with x, y, and z.” If you’re open, then they can relate to you. I believe that’s why I can draw a lot of the young women because I’m so open about everything that I’ve been through, as God leads of course. That makes them feel comfortable like they can receive from me. K. Frison: I definitely agree with that! As you mentioned earlier, you are the author of two books [Dried Tears: A Woman’s Guide to Overcoming and 101 Things to Do Other Than Have Sex, Hump, Bump, and Grind]. Could you tell us about that writing process? Did they come to you all at once or did it take a long time to complete these projects? J. Tyler: Well, Dried Tears was a result of devotionals that I would write for myself as God was renewing my mind and I was healing and growing. Then I heard from God to put it into book Women’s Elevation Magazine | 25