Women's Elevation Magazine May 2015 - Page 22

It makes you happy [when you are doing it]. And I realized that for me, sharing the Gospel and sharing my story and seeing lives transformed from it[?!]. . . That right there was IT for me. I knew that after the very first conference that I spoke at. I said, “This is it. This is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.” K. Frison: Wow! I knew parts of your story so that was [enlightening]. I’m just kind of speechless right now. . . J. Tyler: It’s okay! (laughs). K. Frison: What pieces of advice would you offer to people who are still seeking their purpose? J. Tyler: Number one is, in order to find your purpose you need to know who created you. And that’s the Number one piece of advice I tell people who are searching for purpose. Just search for God! Continue to get to know Him. Continue to go into communion with Him. Study, pray, worship. And as you are getting to know God, He begins to unveil your purpose. Number two, I would say, “Simply ask.” Many of us just ask God and pray and keep that as something that you continually are being intentional about and seeking God about. Ask Him to reveal it to you. As you grow closer to Him and as you’re asking Him to reveal it to you, He’ll start to reveal bits and pieces; whether it’s through His Word, whether it’s through other individuals around you; He’ll begin to reveal it. Many times, we’re like, “Okay. . .God isn’t saying anything” but He’s always speaking. We just have to listen and pay attention and open our eyes. He is always speaking. And He wants to unveil your purpose because He wants us to be a small part in the greater part of His plan for eternity. That’s my piece of advice. And then something practical is [to think about] what is it that you love doing; that even if you don’t get paid doing it, you’re happy? For me, it’s seeing lives changed, seeing transformation happen in the lives of women and children- just people in general. For me, it’s sharing the Gospel, speaking, missions. I don’t have to get a salary for any of that stuff. When I go places to speak, I’m not requesting a huge honorarium and all of that. And no shade to anyone who does but I can do it without all of that because I’m passionate about it and I love it! It’s my purpose. So, think about that thing that you just absolutely love doing and if you’re not getting paid for it [right away], you could still do it and be happy. 22 | Women’s Elevation Magazine