Women's Elevation Magazine May 2015 - Page 21

“I’m doing exactly what it is that He’s called me to do. ” K. Frison: That definitely makes sense! J. Tyler: And then I feel a lot better too! K. Frison: Now, this might be a complicated question but because your Twitter handle is {@ThePurposeDr}, I’m curious. How and/or when did you discover your purpose? J. Tyler: Wow! That’s a good question actually! I discovered my purpose between 2004 and 2005 when I really, really began to live for Christ. I realized that I always loved speaking and was comfortable in front of audiences and things of that nature. In 2005, right after [you probably read this in Dried Tears] . . . my best friend was killed in a drive-by shooting- literally right around the corner from this house. It was a wake-up call for me to get my life together and to totally surrender to Christ and God’s Will for my life. And as I began to develop and grow in my relationship with Him, He began to unveil my purpose and open up doors. So many people ask, “Well Jennifer- how did you begin speaking?” I never pitched myself to anyone or anything like that. God just began to open the doors! I remember- I was asked to share my testimony of deliverance out of sexual perversion at a conference in 2005. That was the very first time I ever spoke somewhere! And from there, more and more doors just began to open! And I realized, “Okay! I am right in the place that God wants me to be in. I’m doing exactly what it is that He’s called me to do.” I felt peace. . . I was able to flow and I enjoyed it! You know you’re walking in your purpose when there is nothing else that you would rather do and you constantly are thinking about it and you enjoy doing it. Women’s Elevation Magazine | 21