Women's Elevation Magazine May 2015 - Page 10

[ We need to take the time to address the issues and social determinants that may be leading to crime, poverty, unemployment, gangs, and education. ] another black child? Why aren’t you protesting that?” Giuliani failed to mention within his debate about the similar intraracial crime percentages within other racial communities. His skewed statistics and presentation adds to the perception that the Black community does not care about Black-on-Black crime. Yet, I know this not to be true. I have family and friends that have been affected by violence within our own community. I had a cousin attacked in a brawl. I know of more than one friend who still suffers the grief after a relative has been murdered. I know people that have been murdered. On the other side, I know people, organizations, and churches that are working together to prove Murdock, Giuliani, and other conservatives wrong. I am surrounded by people like my Soror, Lunden Gregory, who started the MLK Peace Chain in Chicago. Every Sunday, they peacefully protest against the gun violence that has plagued the city. They link together to turn “pain into power.” The Facebook Page for the MLK Peace Chain lists several goals: • Bring back pride in ourselves. • Teach peace and love that our efforts would create a new generation of fearless leaders. • Show the world that Black Lives Matter. • Put the gun down and save a life. • Less obituaries and senseless crime. • Create a chain with hundreds of thousands linked together the length of King Drive. 10 | Women’s Elevation Magazine