Women in Art 278 Magazine April 2017 - Page 42

e A Israeli artist Tamar Branitzky Textile designer My colorful studio is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Inspired by the beauty around me, I create wearable art scarves for ladies around the world. My prints come from my vivid imagination. Hand- made collages are made from leaves and watercolor paint that I com- bine together, scan them and then digitally print them. I also take pic- tures of treetops. I find branches mysterious and fascinating. I make unique prints and patterns from these pictures. A scarf is the most feminine accessory. When I create the pattern I think about a women’s face. Each scarf is signed and printed in limited copies, so each lady gets her own almost one of a kind piece, which are made of soft and elegant chiffon fabric that reminds me the American dancer Isa- dora Duncan. My scarves are is the space between art and design. You can wear it on your neck and you can hang them on the wall. I sell my scarves in museum shops and boutiques worldwide. ART pag e 42