Women in Art 278 Magazine April 2017 - Page 40

British artist Sparrow Davies Colour A recurring feature in my practice is bright colours. I cannot say I work with one medium in particular, as I explore all different aspects in my portfolio. Drawing is the medium I explore most, however I am drawn to photography that can give a surreal view of reality. I work with images alongside artistic writings I’ve done. With art I find it easier to translate my thoughts and emotions, for communication is a weakness for me. This goes back to my dyslexia; some part of me feels like an outsider because my sense of language differs from others. I suppose it is the child-like empathy, which is why art gives me creativity from the difficulty in communicating, especially in written language. Art welcomed me into a warm embrace to continue speaking out loud with a visual noise of colours. Some have critiqued my style, but I conclude that it is my own Madeline-ish madness in the moment. There’s an assumption that artists can draw a straight line perfectly, I cannot. The stereotype of abstract art is that anyone can do art, even a child. That these questions or statements occur is frustrating, by using this as a reference, I humor the amateur style of art. ART pag e 40