Women in Art 278 Magazine April 2017 - Page 37

american artist Nina Luna acrylics IN November 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My art awakening began in October 2013. When I entered a   small retail store and saw rows of unclothed mannequins, I  froze and saw myself naked and unclothed. I needed to cover them as I saw just myself   exposed.   Seeing the female mannequin some how transformed me, It was a realization to me that my breasts were gone.  At that moment I realized how beautiful the female body is and how proud I was to be a woman and alive. I wanted to make her beautiful and what better way than to paint and use this as my canvas. When I first picked up a paint brush and started FBגW&WF&Vv'&V7B66W"BW'6RG&6f&VBגখF7G&VwFB&VWG *fR66R&V6fW&VBg&'&V7B66W"2bfV''V'#B%@3prP