Women in Art 278 Magazine April 2017 - Page 27

american artist Karen Lillard Abstract K aren Lillard’s journey as a painter can be enclosed within the category of Survivor Art, Intuitive, abstract, abstract expressionism, and message art. Her inspiration is derived from color primarily combined with own experience, emotions, internal intuitive mechanism, and self analysis.  Creativity and Healing are the same Energy! Karen is an individual who seeks depth and intensity in all things. Her works are abstract, expressive and meaningful. Her favorite materials are acrylics, pastels, watercolor and oil. The surfaces she uses include glass, canvas, paper and walls. She started painting five years ago; after a lifelong career outside of art. Karen has had no formal training and has developed her style strictly by doing. Her pieces almost always are created entirely with palette knife. She chooses her palette and then begins to move the paint. There is no plan, no drawing, simply whatever is inside revealing itself. Karen’s message art creations incorporate quotes into her paintings that have significant meaning and are provocative and/or inspirational. On November 8, 2014, Karen became a survivor of a home invasion and sexual assault. She has turned this experience into one of creation and healing through her work; which has evolved since that day. Her focus is now sharing the story of healing through art, art therapy, and giving voice to the power of creating your way through anything! ART 27 pag e