Women in Art 278 Magazine April 2017 - Page 19

Australian artist Denyse Gibbs Digital Collagism I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1949 and currently live and work in Sydney. Having exhibited extensively in Aus- tralia, Asia, Europe and the Americas, my work is represented world wide in National, Corporate and Private Collections. My work has consistently challenged pre- conceived ways of viewing and traditional perception recurrently using a literary ap- proach of meticulously combining fact and fiction. The work I have submitted for publication, begun in 2016, is part of a Series which is a work in progress, entitled “The Unshared Continent.” The large scale digital collagist prints, in limited editions, present visual reflections on the period and practice of transportation in the founding of Australia in 1788 until 1868 and its subsequent human and social implications, when approximately 162,000 convicts were transported from Britain to the various Austra- lia penal colonies. The work examines French rivalry in the quest for the new colony and mutinies at sea. Footnote: “The Act of Transportation” to Australia by the British Government began when transport- ing felons to the American colo- nies in the late 1700s declined with the move towards Ameri- can indepen- dence, and as a consequence an alternative site was needed. ART 19 pag e