WNY Family Magazine September 2018 - Page 9

Q R S T Quality Time – It is easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of back to school schedules. Try to plan din- ners together or have a family game night. It is im- portant to stay connected and catch up on each oth- er’s day. Rules – Remind everyone of the school year rules. Reestablish bedtimes, dis- cuss the when, where, and how long for electronics use and what happens when mom and dad are not home. Social Media – Reconfirm what social media sites your child belongs to and check all passwords.   Take time to talk - Open your schedule each day and let your kids know when it is a good time to come to you with problems and U V W concerns. You will get more out of the discussion if you are both tuned in. Use their time wisely – As our kids get older, their commitments increase. Teach your child to use his time wisely by prioritizing so he will not be up at mid- night doing homework. Volunteer – It is a great way to see what goes on at school, meet the teachers, and interact with the oth- er parents. Even working parents can get involved by helping at evening and weekend events. Workspace – Establish where your child will do his homework. Is the kitch- en table too distracting? Does he have a desk in his room? Choose a space that is quiet and has all the X Y Z tools he needs. Xtra Help – Get a jump start on finding a tutor for your child. If she struggles in a subject, look for some- one who can keep her on track this year. Year of…. – Help your child set achievable goals this year. Make this the year of straight A’s, perfect attendance, or lead in the school play. Zzzzzzs – Time to return to the school night bedtimes. It is hard to adjust to wak- ing up early again so adjust it a little at a time. Listen to your body and go to bed earlier if you need it. Pam Molnar is a freelance writer and mother of three. This is her 16th new school year as a parent. September 2018 WNY Family 9