WNY Family Magazine September 2018 - Page 55

 Have a little fun. In our effort to pack a healthy lunch, we sometimes overlook the joy a cookie can bring. So, pack a balanced lunch, but don’t omit the goodies — just portion them. A cookie or two, a cupcake, a few graham crackers, pack what- ever makes your child happy. THE KIDDIE GOURMET  Some children prefer to have the same lunch every day. They want only salami sandwiches or only peanut butter and jelly. Send what they’ll eat, and each week, pack a little something new, like a mini box of raisins. Or try half a ham sand- wich and half a jelly sandwich. Ask them what they’ll enjoy and incor- porate your child in the decision. (716) 688-7500  Nothing messy, please. Pack toma- toes, lettuce, and anything else that will make the sandwich soggy in a separate container. If the bread is mushy, it will end up in the trash uneaten. The same is true with over- loading a sandwich — ever have a sloppy joe glop all over the plate, or tuna salad gush out the side? Es- pecially as they get older, and more self-conscious, some kids would rather go hungry than look awk- ward eating or getting their clothes stained.  Pack a little love. Sometimes, the best part of lunch is the surprise of a love note from home. Vary the con- tent based on your child’s age and temperament — something cuter for your grade schooler, maybe even a sticker or two; something a bit more sophisticated for your high schooler (yes, even they … especially they … need reminders of how special they are to you). If you have any questions about our column, e-mail Kathy at allergy@ roadrunner.com. For further informa- tion about food allergies, contact FARE www.foodallergy.org, or call 1-800-929- 4040. Kathy Lundquist is a Western New York Parent whose son, now an adult, was born with severe food allergies. Over the last two decades, she has worked tireless- ly, in a variety of ways, to increase com- munity awareness about food allergies. J — by Barbara Blackburn ust Pizza & Wing Co. offers a “Dine- in only kids eat free” at this location with a special kids menu for chil- dren 10 years and younger every day from 4pm-8pm. The Just For Kids menu fea- tures Kids Pizza, Chicken Fingers and Fries, Mac and Cheese Bites, and Mozza- rella Sticks. Boosters and high chairs accommodate the youngest guests. Gluten free kids and their folks can order “Buffalo’s Best Gluten Free Pizza,” 12” Cheese and Top- ping, as well as a 12” Spe- cialty Pizza for $16.00. Just Pizza & Wing Co. 5445 Transit Road Clarence, NY justpizzausa.com ~ SPOONS ~ FOOD 4.5/5 SERVICE 4/5 FAMILY FRIENDLY 5/5 In addition to conventional crust, specialty crust choices are exciting: Sesame Seed, Garlic, Onion, Cajun, Ro- mano, Italiana, De- luxe, Hot Pepper, Honey, Honey Sesame, Honey BBQ, Chive, Lemon Pepper, Poppy Seed or any combination free of charge. We decided on a combination of poppy seed and chive. Our friendly waitress was very accommodating. The chicken products offered here are antibiotic and hormone free. Maybe that’s why the chicken fingers tasted so good (Single $11.95 or Double $17.95). The frying is done in non-hydrogenated oil. This restaurant obviously concerns itself with the health of its customers. Thirty-four styles of pizza star on the menu. The original world famous 3 Cheese Steak Pizza ($18.30, $23.00, $39.00) is a blend of Mozzarella, Swiss, White American cheese, loaded with slices of sirloin, mushroom, onions, and a choice of hot or sweet peppers. Pizzas are coded as RP or WP — red or white sauce. This restaurant offers a lot of differ- ent flavors to sauce the wings from the BBQ char pit, in addition to the mild, medium, hot, lethal hot, hot garlic, and garlic Parmesan. I counted 25 flavors, headed by the award winning Blackberry BBQ. Should you choose to say cheese, Mozzarella Sticks with a side of sauce ($5.95) and Mac & Cheese Bites ($6.50) are favor- ites, under appetizers and sides. We savored the Garlic Cheesey Knot Rolls, with a side of pizza sauce for dip- ping (60 cents each or 4 for $2.00). Hooray for the gar- lic which transformed the rolls into something special! Some restaurants are too tim- id about using garlic, I think. The menu says that the potato skins are award winning. A couple of the five varieties are taco and veggie. As I said, this is not just pizza and wings, as the title might im- ply. The specialty subs sounded inter- esting, particularly In The Grass ones, which come with your choice of steak, chicken, or sausage (each $10.90) Although we didn’t do exten- sive research on our orders, we were pleased with what we chose, particu- larly the Greek Pizza with the combo crust ($18.05, also $20.70 and $37.40), olive oil, seasonings, Mozzarella and Feta, with sliced tomatoes, onions and Greek olives. If you don’t have a flair for tampering with the original Buffalo style pizza, there are options, such as Old Italian Sauce Pie Pizza ($16.05, $18.70, $32.40). Ending with some trivia, we can thank the soldiers of World War II for bringing the concept back from Italy. Also, we can thank the early Egyptians whose flatbread evolved into what be- came pizza for the Italians, according to a certain school of thought. Whatever — nobody does pizza like Western New York, but the Just Pizza and Wings Co. puts a new spin on it! September 2018 WNY Family 55